Why are states banning LEGAL vape products because of ILLEGAL vape products?

Because “every law is illegal,” says Bob Marley.

What is really going on here?

“Several other states are looking at full or partial vape bans, after Gov. Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and announced a total ban on the sale of all vaping products in Massachusetts earlier this week.”


Honestly, I am unsure how people are dying from smoking pot. Thing is… they’re not. They are dying from humans adding ingredients (like vegetable oil and vitamin d) to a product with or without being aware of potential harms. That is disgusting. I mean, I am also unsure of how wax, which is usually solid (not like honey, whatsoever ((unless you got that pac)) is converted into an enclosed container that can evaporate. I mean, I guess it makes sense, especially since it is CO2 extracted. It’s honestly kinda pasty tryna get information on what’s happening right now…People in their early teens and twenties just started appearing in the Emergency Room or ICU suffering from coughing and difficulty breathing. This is serious. They went to the ER for coughing. That’s some dank shit, man. Or just some shitty Chinese nicotine product. American Brands, Chinese Manufacturers. Yep, your vape juice is “made in China.”

A lot of drugs are actually made in China. For instance, Fentanyl. Which is then shipped to Mexico and transported to the United States via submarine, airplane, car, boat, and on foot.

FYI, FENTANYL was one of a series of opioids synthesized by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the 1950s and 1960s in an effort to produce opioid analgesics with enhanced analgesic activity and potency and fewer adverse effects compared with morphine or meperidine.

On the flip side, I am unsure why Massachusetts banned vape legal vape products that are? a threat to its citizens. I thought it was the illegal stuff doing the harm! With vape addicts, I think the Massachusetts state government gave the illegal market one last look at profits before something happenz.

CNBC mentioned that 9 people have died so far from vaping. The CDC recommends that “anyone who uses e-cigarette products should not buy these products off the street (e.g., e-cigarette products with THC or other cannabinoids) and should not modify e-cigarette products or add any substances to these products that are not intended by the manufacturer.”
Marijuana Business Daily reported in late April that fake marijuana products are everywhere including legal states as well as cannabis conferences. Honestly, making it to a cannabis conference with a ‘fake’ cannabis product is funny because why is it fake? If you wanna talk about fake weed talk about the clones…yet if you’re at one of these conferences… you must have some legit stuff…it may be a knock off? Are they not licensed? Really? They are probably just competing with predominately white and wealthy business owners.  Ok, what is fake weed?

I feel like there are really good synthetics going around that are not being vaped at the proper temperature, destroying people’s lungs. There are hundreds of varieties of synthetic weed. They been doing this shit since the 80’s. Hebrew Uni actually created a fake weed called HU-210 that is non-toxic and is administered to prevent “damage to the brain or trauma before or after the event.” It is also 100-800x stronger than pot .

“Fake carts” or bad ones are like laced with toxic pesticides and additives. The pot is probably not bad and it was grown with shit and was mixed with shit to become 66 % more shitty than it was before…then put in a low grade metal or plastic compartment then sucked by the lips of our youth at 420 degrees celsius. And noting the JUUL pods: banning flavored JUUL pods… they still got flavored (oh, what are they called ((knock off)) juul pods that are even more appealing to children (very colorful) than ever before. And Massachusetts just banned the legal ones. Wow. Anyways, at a cannabis conference…are there not rules for this stuff… like…no fake mary jane produce…… stoners..

Furthermore, I believe the container for the pods, carts and overly ‘vape’ products are not talked about enough. Like, what is that stuff? Yes. you bought the cart and the wax. The pod and the juice. What is in these metal, glass, and/or plastic containers..containing your vapor juice? I don’t like the idea of vaping out of plastic right now…these things are made of something.. or something…so if it is perhaps an independent knock-off, or real brand…all they would have to mess up is purchasing lousy metal that is not food grade standard. A lot of your metal water bottles are not in fact “food grade.” Plastic is definitely not.

Honestly, all those flavor additives in cigar leaves is child’s play. This ain’t candy! It’s like everyone wants a flavored cigar wrap. Why? You’re going to light that bitch on fire! I highly recommend Kingpin Laidback Hemp wraps. You save forty (yes a forty) dollars worth of wraps by purchasing pure hemp wraps. Forty dollaz can go a long way… Here’s a sample pack if you really tryna dive deep into the hemp wave.

FYI, the tobacco in cigarettes doesn’t actually have real nicotine. This goes for (ALL?) vape products as well. Research Nicotiana rustica. The nicotine in cigs and vapes have a different species name than original tobacco. There are 67 species of tobacco (varieties) and there are three manmade hybrid forms. Which species of tobacco is in your tobacco products? Is it manmade? Is it more toxic than REAL tobacco/other strains/species? Well, I think banning “flavored” JUUL pods whence there are still JUUL flavoured JUUL pods for sale (like mint and v tobacco) in gas stations with knock-off mango pods is odd. Is fruit the only flavour? What about mint, I think thats a flavor. Hell, folks name weed strains flavours! Are these vape products coming from China? Do your research! I have no idea what is going on but this is deeper than just death, children and illness. They are changing the narrative, but the story goes on: smoking kills!

And in the 50’s it was littttt



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