How to meditate

Open your eyes. Open your mind. Accessing the keys to your brain chemistry and responsiveness to its home (environment outside of it) and the internal decisions, actions, and thoughts that provoke chemistry within the brain is key to a successful life. It is fascinating how we are molecules interacting with molecules. The brain is a very special organ. Now it is not the largest, for the skin holds this. The liver is second, with the brain, lungs, and heart following. We have 5 flanges on each hand and 5 toes on each foot. We have 5 senses.

Close your eyes. Internalize your dreams, fantasies, and realities existing within your subconscious and conscious mind. Once you realize breath, and each breaths’ creation, you dive deeper into the mind. Now, you may realize that you are controlling your breathing. This means you are experiencing an altered state in consciousness from conscious to subconscious. This is where the brain tells the lungs to operate. Breath in (not too hard-think of your lungs as special balloons), exhale naturally. Breathing in through the nose is excellent for smelling the environment you are in. And for exhaling to. I believe during sleep the body strives to breathe through the nose. Which is interesting because meditation is a lot like sleep, we leave beta and enter alpha while in la-la land. Then the alpha waves slow down to theta waves where REM sleep occurs and dreaming happens; In delta, the body is in deep sleep. 

We can access these states and be conscious during meditation. The goal of meditation is not to fall asleep. That it is it. Besides the fact of stillness. Try not to get up too quickly to alter your position from comfortable to cozy. 

You may meditate standing up, eyes open or closed, laying back-flat on the floor or with a straight spine at the edge of a seat, ready for discovery.

Share the methods of which you may meditate in the comments section!


Love and gratitude

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Hello my name is F I J I G O D and I water the earth ...

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