Beef Isn/t a “Water Hog”

“We all been lied to with vegan propaganda from the WHO and all these same organizations who push climate change and vaccines. Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger and @moby and all these celebs are pushing the nwo agenda 21 diet to get us more dependent on Government. Most vegans still call their food cheese meat and milk anyways but just put “vegan” or “mock” in front of them because subconsciously they crave those foods. Like @theefruitgoddess says how many could be vegan without these vegan versions. How many could just be satisfied with plants in their natural form? People love to say meat eaters need seasoning or they don’t like meat. How many love the taste of raw veggies like asparagus or kale or any Cooked veggie without salt and seasoning. It’s all about perspective. Vegan propaganda is worse than pro vaccine propaganda once you leave the vegan box ☠️☠️💀💀 Cooked meat has natural flavor with no seasoning. Way more than a steamed veggie. I have rediscovered this first hand Rp @sustainabledish Infographics claiming that beef production uses an excessive amount of water fail to distinguish the different sources of water, resulting in misleading information.⁣

When conducting a water input analysis, it is critical to designate the sources of the water that were used to produce that food. There are different types of water inputs and outputs. A food item that is produced almost entirely with natural rainfall, for example, isn’t necessarily a water hog compared to a food item that requires large amounts of irrigated water from groundwater aquifers or a large amount of water to dilute pollutants.⁣

Unfortunately, many anti-meat propaganda fails to disclose that 94% of the water “used” to make typical beef and 97% of the water “used” to make grass-finished beef is naturally occurring rainfall – RAIN THAT WOULD HAVE FALLEN WHETHER OR NOT THAT ANIMAL WAS GRAZING THE GRASS.⁣

The latest post on my blog reveals the deception of certain “meatless” infographics, explains the truth of beef’s water calculations, and considers the benefits of regeneratively grazed livestock and the impacts of plant-based alternatives’ ingredients. “

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Hello my name is F I J I G O D and I water the earth ...

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