Caveman Method aka no soap

Caveman life, man

I recently experienced a recent point in my life whence I resisted the urge to wash my body and hair for the server of three months.

Now, one may say thaat a result is produced; however, nonce came about. 

Tragically, life goes on. I assumed that my scalp health was benefiting from no soap (to ‘cure’ “dandruff”) or whatever that means.

So, of course my armpits smelled, yet even with hair (which promotes microbial growth) they smelled as you would expect.

Now, I am unsure if it actually bothered people because theyre emotions are geniune to me.

Three month update

I am alive; and I feel great.

Perhaps my skin condition and scalp health have improved because I use soap for my hair ( if it gets to greasy, not because of dandruff) with African Black Soap once a week or twice or whatever I feel. Hair health may have increased. I don’t really use soap for my body just a Silicon scrub thats antimicrobial. You really should use soap tho. I you ever put rose water on your skin after the shower you may see actually skin dandruff come off your arms. Its like when you scratch your legs and the dead skin makes it appear white. So African Black Soap that is properly sourced is essential for the skin every once and a while. A silicon scrub is good because it does not harm the skin, supposedly. And now

That’s a habit now.

I am unsure if its good or bad ; my relationships have not changed.

So, is it safe for me to try out? You may ask yourself this very question. The answer, is it for you?


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Hello my name is F I J I G O D and I water the earth ...

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Hello my name is Fiji God and I water the earth...

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