Valerian Root and Kratom Powder : Effects

Valerian Flowering

The solutions to a common ailment lead by curiosity and historical herbal folklore medicine: where human and food unite.

The chemicals present in foods like Kratom and Valerian root are often noted as supplements because of their ability improving sleep, reducing anxiety, reducing stress, decreasing menopausal symptoms, improving heart rate, relieving restless leg syndrome, effective cancer therapy, minimalizing OCD, preventing diziness, and treating alcoholism and treating opiod/ate addiction.

Amazing benefits are possible and safe.

Valerian root is a flowering plant whose root is used as an herbal medicine. Valerian Root can be taken alone as well as Kratom.

When mixed together, one can reduce both compounds to half of what is desired for one specific substance.

A little goes a long way. Test the waters and feel what is right.

Jah Rastafari.

Kratom Tree

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree recently discovered by the Western world whose leaves are harvested for medical properties. Kratom leaves which are dried may be used as tea and possibly smoking. As a whole leaf, it may be chewed and spit out or swallowed.

Kratom contains both stimulative and analgesic properties. EnkephalinsDynorphins, and Endorphins are all part of the analgesic pathways. In low doses it provides an energizing effect, while at higher doses a more sedative effect.

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