We really out here. Take care of yourself and your family friends and loved ones. What one participates in working influences one’s said feelings, which encourage reproduction and replication and eventually habituation. So when one may work and influence “positive” results, this attracts bountiful “positive” reciprocations into the universe which is eventually relayed full-circle.

Now, this could be the reason why you attract certain people into your life. This is a result of universal replication of yourself into other “cellfs.”



Caveman Method aka no soap

Caveman life, man

I recently experienced a recent point in my life whence I resisted the urge to wash my body and hair for the server of three months.

Now, one may say thaat a result is produced; however, nonce came about. 

Tragically, life goes on. I assumed that my scalp health was benefiting from no soap (to ‘cure’ “dandruff”) or whatever that means.

So, of course my armpits smelled, yet even with hair (which promotes microbial growth) they smelled as you would expect.

Now, I am unsure if it actually bothered people because theyre emotions are geniune to me.

Three month update

I am alive; and I feel great.

Perhaps my skin condition and scalp health have improved because I use soap for my hair ( if it gets to greasy, not because of dandruff) with African Black Soap once a week or twice or whatever I feel. Hair health may have increased. I don’t really use soap for my body just a Silicon scrub thats antimicrobial. You really should use soap tho. I you ever put rose water on your skin after the shower you may see actually skin dandruff come off your arms. Its like when you scratch your legs and the dead skin makes it appear white. So African Black Soap that is properly sourced is essential for the skin every once and a while. A silicon scrub is good because it does not harm the skin, supposedly. And now

That’s a habit now.

I am unsure if its good or bad ; my relationships have not changed.

So, is it safe for me to try out? You may ask yourself this very question. The answer, is it for you?


Beef Isn/t a “Water Hog”


“We all been lied to with vegan propaganda from the WHO and all these same organizations who push climate change and vaccines. Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger and @moby and all these celebs are pushing the nwo agenda 21 diet to get us more dependent on Government. Most vegans still call their food cheese meat and milk anyways but just put “vegan” or “mock” in front of them because subconsciously they crave those foods. Like @theefruitgoddess says how many could be vegan without these vegan versions. How many could just be satisfied with plants in their natural form? People love to say meat eaters need seasoning or they don’t like meat. How many love the taste of raw veggies like asparagus or kale or any Cooked veggie without salt and seasoning. It’s all about perspective. Vegan propaganda is worse than pro vaccine propaganda once you leave the vegan box ☠️☠️💀💀 Cooked meat has natural flavor with no seasoning. Way more than a steamed veggie. I have rediscovered this first hand Rp @sustainabledish Infographics claiming that beef production uses an excessive amount of water fail to distinguish the different sources of water, resulting in misleading information.⁣

When conducting a water input analysis, it is critical to designate the sources of the water that were used to produce that food. There are different types of water inputs and outputs. A food item that is produced almost entirely with natural rainfall, for example, isn’t necessarily a water hog compared to a food item that requires large amounts of irrigated water from groundwater aquifers or a large amount of water to dilute pollutants.⁣

Unfortunately, many anti-meat propaganda fails to disclose that 94% of the water “used” to make typical beef and 97% of the water “used” to make grass-finished beef is naturally occurring rainfall – RAIN THAT WOULD HAVE FALLEN WHETHER OR NOT THAT ANIMAL WAS GRAZING THE GRASS.⁣

The latest post on my blog reveals the deception of certain “meatless” infographics, explains the truth of beef’s water calculations, and considers the benefits of regeneratively grazed livestock and the impacts of plant-based alternatives’ ingredients. “

Veganism is Confirmed, “New World Order Diet”

Currently, we live in NWO. It is currently collapsing.

Now, One may state that yes, for fruit shall be its meat, or whatever it says in Genesis.

Yes, it is going to be one day we will all only be eating fruit and then never eating or drinking well will be light beings of the sun surviving through everlasting life-force or prana.

Now, we do have dominion over animals.

Since there are being, “things” (heavy metals) being sprayed over us literally everything is affected. From the things we grow to the air we breathe. Turmeric helps with this.

SO, completely relying one a “diet” is not helpful. Keeping one’s diet fruitful is the key to youth. Everything Once a day sounds good right? Everything and anything that you could possibly ever eat or drink within a day that you could desire to, that would make sense to you, is optimal for everyday functionality and cognitively. Yes, this means you can eat your ice cream, meat, cereal, whatever, just once. Now, you can adjust your rules and just not have any rules at all. Why is eating meat being demonized as of now? Maybe because Veganism is a part of a _ism. As schism, perhaps, like racism, fascism, and communism. It does have an agenda, and should not be a lifestyle. It is a diet. I think 3-6 months on one diet may be a little extreme, and since vegans eat a lot of plants, you going to have to be outside a lot. So, going vegan for even a few days or months is okay. Listen to your body, you don’t even want to eat the same meats everyday, or meals. Its not like we listen to the same music everyday at certain times. And of course, you can be vegan for as long or little as you would like: to each their own ).

Now, its not bad or good to be vegan, meat eating only, etc. We all have different bloodlines and certain areas on the earth have specific ultraviolet spectrums which there are different folks and different diets.

I personally ate vegan for a detox and felt great. I was walking about 12 miles a day and eating one or two vegan meals a day. I fasted and ended up becoming stronger, etc. Yet, once you feel something in your bones, it is time to stop. Once you feel like you are using your own bones to walk, yes you are very aware, but that is when u might just want to take an egg and crack that baby into your mouth raw.

Anyways, be careful with what anyone tells you, follow your intuition, and above all, a healthy mind = a healthy body and vice versa. Well, about 80% of your thoughts come from your gut (the second brain, hearth is the third, maybe second ((all our chakras are brains- the brain just has the 7th floating above it (((above the third eye- which is literally, your brain or where the brain grows out from there ((((expands)))). So eat a healthy diet still , please.

Its not that we get cancer from eating meat that may or may not have cancer (meat is likely to get cancer vs. plants– but plants have heavy metals, etc in them too which may cause dis-ease) its that it is not being raised right. An organic , healthy, free roaming cow is probably not gonna give you cancer. A caged swine that does not move all day eating its own pork might.

So, there are extremes to everything. You don’ want a divide and conquered population any longer. Just because you don’t eat meat does not make you better or worse than anybody. Everybody likes there own food, and everybody has a right to chose what they would like to eat. Realistically, it is very difficult to eat healthy in general because most food in the supermarket is made by mass-corporations that thrive on profit. Even the vegan one’s. Bill Gates now has his own Impossible Burger.

There is even a TED talk that says that only eating starches got people out of diabetes.

There are so many diets it is insane to comprehend.

So, don’t go over the top trying to be healthy, treat yourself like you already are, and don’t follow the food pyramid, it’s a scheme.

One day, growing our own food and supporting realistic farmers (not machines and corporation) will be reeking abundance.

This will include almost anything edible that humans like and support.

Honestly, just putting love in everything could make things better!

Enjoy your food!

Fiji God

And if you are thinking about adapting, being 90% vegan is okay. There are cases of children being vegan from birth to 8 years old and developing health problems, like losing their teeth, dark circles, etc.

100% of anything is to be treated with caution, especially yourself!

CBD Helps alleviate Jaw/teeth shifting and grinding

Over many years, I grinded my teeth. Until recently, I discovered CBD. My friend had some and I had to try it. Supposedly it was going to make me “relax.” It ended up turning out that an hour later, I went to sleep and woke up, ready to jump out of bed. Usually, I would have a slightly dimmed mind and a slightly heavy body that would slowly graduate out of the bed. Nope, this was a new day. With CBD, it can last in the bloodstream as an oil up to 6-8 hours. Thats perfect for a night’s rest. Luckily enough, this company named CBD BioCare also sold skin products which my mom was in an effort to find the most sensible product out there- with no harmful chemicals.

Truly alleviating something as severe as grinding my teeth to the point that I received fillings because my enamel was exposed (the breeze would hurt my teeth), tearing through mouth guards at night, and throwing them out of the bed subconsciously in the middle of night, You could try this in the next couple of days… check it out!! There are so many cool products that can even help with skin issues, and overall: aging. This really is a fountain of youth moment right now.. go try our gummies, oils, lotions, and can even be used for bug bites and anything else in relation to the skin.

CBD truly is a miracle, and you won’t know until you try it! CBD, like anything else, in fact affects one sub-perceptually, so you won’t be aware of the benefits, but you may feel them. You won’t get ‘high’, and you won’t fail your drug tests.

when your armpits smell…

Do not use soap. I have stopped using soap for the past 3 months and I smell a whole lot more fresh. Of course, I exfoliate with a sponge and use African Black soap for my hair and skin. There is a difference between this and washing. This is truly cleaning. Whenever u feel the need to use African Black soap. It helps aid the relief of eczema and so much more (like moisturizing). 




Also, the Silliscurb does this as well. It removes particles from your scalp which are dead or just plain and simple : dirt.


Overall, bacteria thrives in environments where there is no defense against them. Your skin’s natural secretion of its very own oil protects against such invaders. Yet, soap used after exposure to sunlight also reduces the quantity of vitamin D3 your skin produced (to protect yourself against the sun for four days following). 

Here is a video on said subject:


Landrace Strains

Marujuana  : What are landrace strains?

Landrace strains are strains that have been un-aldultered by man. They have not been corrs-pollinated or bred with any other species (type) of strain. These are the original *(OG) marujuana strains. They are natural and from the earth. So is man. Cross-pollinating and breeding may not be a bad thing, and it is a growing interest for many cannabis enthusiasts. 

The landrace strains are provided by leafly as shown.


Whether or not you enjoy marujuana, enjoy yourself!\



Sky Organics Hemp Seed Oil

I love Hemp Seed Oil. I am 9% sure that I am weary of how I came to the notion that I may be capitalizing … whatever … three-word title case is cool.

I love hemp seed oil! It is excellent for the cuticles and skin. Interestingly, hemp seed oil is also ingested and provides lubrication, if you will, of your ‘pipes.’ This allows for easier digestion and smooth exits. Overally, it has a distinct flavor and is worth savoring.

Moreover, it is a provider of Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids and GLA. Now, these are provided in natural levels by Sky Organics. 

These acids are essential to proper organ function, and can help prevent heart disease, arthritis and depression. It can also reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries.

Hemp oil is also rich in “super” polyunsaturated fatty acids, most notably GLA and stearidonic acid. These chemicals may help reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions. 

Helps with Constipation. The School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR, China discovered that hemp seed oil is “safe and effective for alleviating functional constipation for subjects in excessive syndrome.” This is in fact an herbal medicine practice that has been mastered throughout thousands of years in China. 

Surprisingly, Hemp oil is comprised of 25 percent protein, says Dr. Andrew Weil, the program director for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, which is recognized by the Arizona Board of Regents. This high-quality protein provides amino acids in ratios similar to the protein in meat and eggs. The structure of hemp oil proteins makes them easily digestible. Overall, hemp seed oil provides the protein and amino acids the body needs without adding unnecessary calories. It in fact, may help with weight loss too. Cheers!

Sky Organics …hemp oil wahtever it caleled

I really like this product because it is 100% pure, cold-pressed, USDA Organic Hemp Seed Oil is sourced directly from artisanal farmers in Canada. and is of the highest quality available… add to salad or any food item for a delcious nutty taste!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- Always backed by Sky Organics 30 day money back guarantee-

ORGANIC- Sky Organics Hemp Seed Oil is certified organic and of the highest quality

NON- GMO- Our Hemp Oil is NON-GMO certified and cruelty free Certified.. Made in Canada and bottled in the USA.



1 tablespoon is recommended for eating

Hemp seed oil does not clog the pores… it has a “0” on the comedogenic scale. 

Hemp seed oil is great for hair growth + scalp rejuvenation.

Hemp seed oil heals acne and heals scars and eczema

Anti- aging benefits

Prevents skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin.

Prevents hair loss, scalp infections

Helps reduce dandruff


Detoxifies skin

Aids with Inflammation

Great Massage Oil

Hemp Seed Oil helps strengthen your skin’s barrier and boost elasticity 

Shields skin from pollutants and acne-causing bacteria

Provides lightweight, non-greasy hydration 

Ideal for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin, as it helps calm the skin and reduce redness on contact.


Apply it on the skin in small amounts first, and see how it spreads. Taking your phone flashlight or other source of light to see the spread may help. A penny’ size worth is honestly more than enough for your face, scalp, and neck.

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