Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Includes all 100+ cannabinoids , terpenes, flavonoids, and many other wonderful molecules in the medicinal cannabis sativa plant.)

Whole Plant Extraction

Organically Grown

Domestically Grown and Manufactured (USA: packaged in an FDA registered facility , GMP, animal free testing

3rd Party Tested – from plant to product

Clean, compliant, safe, quality

Offers skin care, body wellness and much more!

Physician Formulated

Hand Crafted

All-Natural Ingredients

No Parabens

No Gluten

No Sulfates

No Formaldehyde

No phthalates

Personally, I have had issues grinding my teeth whilst asleep at night for seven years. Ever since I started using CBD, I started to grind my teeth way less, and eventually did not have to wear a mouthguard at night anymore.. because I simply stopped grinding my teeth at night.My nervous system was finally at peace, and my teeth were starting to heal after being so worn down everyday, and my jaw calmer and less restless. Moreover, I am every intrigued in how it also affected my sleep, I awoken more restful and energetic just from the crisp start of turning over.

CBD is known to be psychedelic in a certain way, it could make you feel relaxed and even energetic at the same time.. A clear mind is a focus mind, a relaxed body is a focused mind.

Enjoy !

CBD BioCare

Feel free to ask any questions

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