How to potentiate the effects of kratom

How to potentiate not only the effects of kratom and valerian root as well as kava together. Now, there are a variety of methods of doing so. Obviously the effects of anything mixed with Marijuana will heighten the senses. Mixing Cannabis and Kratom are a classical remedy for pain relief, insomnia, lightheadedness, disease and aContinue reading “How to potentiate the effects of kratom”

Eating and drinking.

Stomach acid oh… YEah.. we humans enjoy digesting things. Or could I say, ingesting things (insert evil laugh here). Yeah, you heard it right folks, we love to eat as a collective. It provides us nourishment and comfort.  When we eat, food lands right in the stomach’s pool of coca-cola type level pH. When weContinue reading “Eating and drinking.”